By Arbey Mykaoj:


The seed of poetry

Sown within the heart

Lies dormant in my chest


My heart is searching

For words to clothe

The nakedness of thought


The words of my soul

Desiring to be born

Await with a cry


Love asked me to be

In love's embrace

A spell of joy


My well went dry

When I ran out of love

And fire itself burnt cold


A  dense grey canopy

Over the foliage

Cradled by the wind


An old wrinkled man

Looks at himself

In the parched oak tree


It stops raining

A rose bud lifts its head

At the kiss of a sunbeam


The moon sees herself

In the mirror of the lake

The night bird sings


The silent stone wall

Breaks into laughter

A weed breaks into it.


A mocking bird stands

On my window sill

My solitude is over




The heavy rain of spring

Awoke the silky fragrance

Of sleeping umbrellas


A bird flew over my head

Below a white cloud

And dropped a feather


A tiny drop of rain

Flowed down the pane

Of my room window


The rainbow's end

The pot of golden coins

My life is over


One of these nights

The sun's going to rise

Over the moon


A heartfelt kiss

A gentle touch

The moon is down


Footsteps on the sand

The wind hits my face

There's still hope


Do I but dream

Until I wake to find

Thy face in all I meet


Bright light of truth

Reveals what we forgot

Lead me where you choose


I'll always come to thee

Extend my heart

And open veils of sleep


Love found my troubled mind

And made it well

Love's chosen way to truth


The actions I perform

Bear witness to the universe

Nothing can flow but love


There was a time

When birds were not

No creation song was heard


Love filled the starred sky

With eloquent praise

The songs of joy


I know a greater loss

Than loosing all I have

It's dying without love


I watch my fingers turn the lock

I know you're at the door

I know I'll see your face


My heart swelled with joy

Time proved benign

A clear sky and a rainbow's arc


A rosebud delicate and shy

Opened its petals to the sky

Responding to the caress of day





Teach me to dream

So that I can sing

As a child


Help me to know

The time to be silent

On the path I tread


Slow me down

To your walking pace

So that I can see you


Make my way

A window for wonder

So that I can hear you


Widen my horizon

Shine through my everyday

Turn my time into eternity


Help me restore the wounded

Help me esteem the neglected

Help me honour the despised


God is greater than this

Far superior than those

Only God is God


I can only blink in my vision

I can only stumble and fall

I still have the morning air


Help me to listen

And find my way

Forward from my need


There's light beyond the hill

There blow the winds of love

Make a dreamer out of me


Step into my step

Step into my dream

Lead me into your brilliance


Make me fully human

Make me wild and free

Make me more like Him